The Top 30+ Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Project Ideas With Source Code

Artificial intelligence is a technique that enables machines to simulate human behaviors. It is a theory in the development of a computer system that can run tasks normally that require human intelligence such as visual observation, speech recognition, decision making. And translation between languages. The first goal of using AI is solving a problem, but how can a business owner use machine learning to build a product that fulfills real needs? So, here's also a list of machine learning project ideas and real-life case studies.

So, in this article, we will discuss the top 30 artificial intelligence and machine learning project ideas.


1.  Diagnosing Parkinson's with machine learning

A major problem in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's is a late diagnosis. Patients are often unaware of their condition. They tend to miss early cues. The solution is to build an application that will detect changes in voice or hand movements. And catch Parkinson's in time.


2. Chatbot

Chatbot software that can start a combination or a chat with a user through messaging, application websites, mobile apps, and even through calls. Chatbots are increasingly becoming popular. Many company websites use chatbots to communicate with customers. It's been used in all the fields we eat, education, medical, IT, and even in banking websites. Now they're using chatbots, for example, Eva by HDFC Bank. If you're a beginner then you can program a simple version of a chatbot. There are many chatbot available online. Just learn from them, identify the basic structure, and then build your own chatbot using that structure. You can then enhance it using your creativity and make it better. So, this was the first AI project.

Download Chatbot Project In Python With Source Code


3. Improving video call experience with ML

The problem is that people find zoom meetings monotonous and feel uncomfortable about showing their faces close to the camera. Machine learning potentially gives an out of the box solution and you can build an application that uses virtual faces. Instead of real ones.


4. Music recommendation app AI

Now due to AI music recommendation app which can also be known as Music recommended engine makes it quicker and easier to show the music recommendation that a tailored to each user's interest and preferences. Now, how does this work? So first it collects all the data, which is what the songs the user listens to the most. What is the Journal of the song? Which language that the user listens to? And so on. Next, it stores all this data and then analyzes it. It then recommends songs from similar turns and the same language and the songs which have high ratings. You would have seen this in apps like Spotify or Wing where there has been entire section of songs recommendation for you. So, using artificial intelligence online searching is improving as well since it makes recommendations related to the user’s visual preferences rather than the project description. We can program this music recommendation app belonging from some online blogs or watching some YouTube videos.


5. Speech recognition

One team builds voice assistants. They often face the problem of accounting for slang mistakes and switching between languages, which is typical for many bilingual speakers, machine learning systems and data sets offer a solution. You can use community-based datasets for multiple languages. And build self-learning speech recognition tools.


6. Stock Market Prediction AI

Now, many people invest in stocks, and they need a stock predictor for them to know when to buy the stock. Now, although it is impossible to predict the future, we can make an estimation for guesses and inform forecast based on the data we have in the present and the past. Regarding stocks, this is known as technical analysis. Which is used to predict the stock’s price direction. Will it increase or decrease after a particular time? So, for your project you can create an application that analyzes your trend of the stock market and offers data driven insights. We can start off by keeping a stock prediction cycle small and then go on and try for higher values and insights. Also, if you design a good stock prediction application.


7. AI based content making with GPT

Three creative writings seem to be challenging to replicate, however. AI comes close to reaching the human level of proficiency, due to GPT-3. GPT-3 is an algorithm for natural language processing created by open AI, that is, a company Co-owned by Elon Musk. GPT 3 can be used to answer user questions for creative writing or for writing code.


8. Social media suggestions AI

Now artificial intelligence has been used in all popular social media networks that we use on a day-to-day basis. Like for example Facebook uses AI and advanced machine learning to serve you all the content based on your preferences. And to recognize people's faces in photos so you can tag them. And target users for the right advertisement. Also, telegram which is owned by Facebook use artificial intelligence to identify visuals. Next, LinkedIn users’ artificial intelligence to offer job recommendation based on your qualification and interest. It also suggests people to connect with. This also happens in Facebook, so these are just some of the examples of how social media users, artificial intelligence, AI powered research platform analyzes a variety of social media analytics to understand which Archons can provide to most engagement, reach, and influence for a specific industry. So, for your project, you can do any of the following tasks, like suggested users to connect with people they might know. I suggest to them some content they might like to watch or suggest some product they might be interested in, and so on. So, this was the social media suggestion project.


9. Using GTP-3 to do routine writing

Well, any routine writing work might end up automated in the future, and you can leverage that to work smarter and faster. The solution is that an AI bot can analyze the content of the inbox and detect the most important events.


10. Identify hate speech AI

Now this project sounds easy, but it is quite hard to identify all the hate speeches and inappropriate language. There are many companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube who are trying to create a system like this. So, for your project you can use detection techniques which identify the characters in the context and then compare it to the content that has already been removed. As hate speech they usually did would be used for identifying any hate speech in any post like Facebook or Twitter post. So, design an artificial intelligence system that investigates things like the text in a post. The reaction comes into the post and how closely it matches the common phrases of a hate speech. Also, it contains at least one appropriate word, then add enter those votes and report them. So, this could be one of your AI projects.

Download Free Hate Speech Detection System In Pyhton With Source Code


11. Detecting objects

Animals and people using artificial intelligence and machine learning for security purposes have a lot of advantages. Not only is there no chance of human error, but also you don't need to deal with turnover, sick days, disabilities. Also, AI is much more accessible.



12. Lane line detection AI

How many of you know that self-driving cars are gaining a lot of popularity now as if you know it would be very hard to design this, but you can design a part of it which is lane line detection while driving this lane line detection technique is used by many self-driving autonomous vehicles as well as line following robots, so we can use computer visual techniques and AI to teach the vehicle to go in a particular Lane. You can use computer vision techniques such as color thresholding to detect the lean. So usually, the lines are colored white and usually there are double lanes in the middle of the road which operates the direction the vehicle from them. Then there is usually one white line at the end of the road, after which is the edge of the road. Using all this data you can design an air powered system that detects the lane lines.


13. Generating textures and patterns to help designers

Well, human creative vision is highly influenced by trends and sometimes fails to produce a fresh perspective. So, when creatives get stuck, they can use AI and machine learning to generate new pattern ideas.


14. Monitoring crop health AI

Artificial intelligence has been increasingly adopted as a part of agricultural industry evolution. Using, you can perform predictive analysis to determine what is the right name for sowing the seed to obtain maximum yield after the previous harvest. You also get insight into crop health. Soil health. The food lab, the recommendation, and the next seven days weather forecast. You can create a project with user’s artificial intelligence to monitor the health of the crop and check for disease by using images of the plant that has the same disease. So, when a user connects the image of a plant it will be matched with images that have already been stored and then tagged that disease. And then maybe even provide intelligence, spraying technique and treatment automatically.


15. Using GTP-3 to do routine writing

Well, any routine writing work might end up automated in the future, and you can leverage that to work smarter and faster. The solution is that an AI bot can analyze the content of the inbox and detect the most important events.



16. Medical diagnosis AI

AI is being used in the medical industry for analyzing risk, identifying hotspots in chronic diseases and according to social determinants of health. So, for your project you can use artificial intelligence to develop software that can be programmed to accurately sport science of certain diseases. In medical images, such as MRI scans or x-rays, and CT scans for example, you can design a system that uses artificial intelligence for cancer diagnosis by processing photos of skin lesions. This project can be immensely helpful to diagnose patients more accurately and prescribe more suitable treatment.

Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Web Application


17. AI powered search engine

You can design A search engine which is powered by artificial intelligence which is scanned. Billions of contents are available on the web and match the exact search sentence or keyword and will show the relevant information, images, videos, text, and other documents. You can also use ranking algorithms that will rank the content for a particular keyword based on. Latest factors like engagement rate, that is, for how long did the user spends on that website is content for more reliable website and so many factors to do this project you can refer some online blogs of watching videos to get started. Also, with this project you need to know a little bit about networks and how the data passes on the Internet from one place to another. So, this was about the AI powered search engine.


18. Cleaning robots AI

Today is not an official intelligence powered robot. No natural general intelligence capable of solving problems and thinking in a limited capacity. You can design A robot that uses artificial intelligence to clean the room by scanning the room size, identifying obstacles. And remembering the most effective route for cleaning, for starters, you can design A robot that does only one of these things and you can enhance it until it effectively cleans the entire room properly.


19. House security AI

Now this is a remarkably interesting project. For this project you can design a system that uses artificial intelligence to scan and identify the face of the visitor first. The facial structure of the family members or someone who frequently visits the house can be scanned and stored. So, every time I visitor comes here, locate the system can scan the phase and if it matches the existing facial structure that is stored in a database. It can open the door and allow the person to pass. Hence the gate can remain shut and the people living in their house can be notified that the person is waiting outside.


20. Handwritten notes recognition AI

handwriting note recognition refers to the computer ability to detect and interpret alphabets and numbers. This input could be from various sources like paper, documents, notes on the phone. Photos and other sources. Note that handwriting characters remain complex since different individuals have different handwriting styles, so you can develop a system that uses artificial intelligence to scan the handwriting notes and convert them into digital format. You can use the official neural network, which is a field of study in artificial intelligence to design the system


21. Loan eligibility prediction AI

Nowadays one of the major problems banking employees face in this ever-changing economy is the increasing rate of loan defaults to the employees of finding it difficult to correctly access loan requests and design whom to give loan and whom not to. So, to determine whether an individual should be given a loan or loan, you can create an air program that will check a person. Pretty criteria by accessing certain attributes of an individual, such as the salary, the previous loan details, and so on, and then decide to approve a loan or not. This program will make the process a lot easier by selecting suitable people from a given list of candidates who have applied for a loan. So, this was about loan eligibility prediction project idea.


22. AI powered Voice Assistant AI

So, this is one of the interesting artificial intelligence project ideas. You can create a voice based postal resistance using artificial intelligence. So, for this you must train the system to understand human language so it can understand. Save the command in the database, so next time you give the same command it will identify the words and perform the necessary action. This can be extremely helpful, and you can enhance it to do various activities like searching for some information or item on the web, setting alarms, taking notes, calling someone, playing songs and many more.


23. Ecommerce recommendation engine AI

So, in this project you can build an ecommerce recommendation engine using the similarities among the background information of the items or users to propose the recommendation to the user. So, in this project you can build an ecommerce recommendation engine using similarities among the background information of the items or users to propose recommendation to the user. To, for example, if the user has searched for Apple phones, then you can design A recommendation engine that recommends only Apple phones to the user. Now the other way to do this is you can identify the trends and patterns in the previous and other user item interaction and advise similar recommendation to the present user based on his existing interactions. So, an example of this would be if a person has bought a formal shirt. Then you can design your recommendation engine to recommend more formal clothing and accessories. You can use artificial intelligence to recommend to the user what exactly they need.


24. AI enabled maps

With artificial intelligence you can create a project that scans the road information and uses an algorithm to determine the optimal route to take to reach the destination faster. Also determine which mode of transportation is the best to go to a destination. It could be on foot or in the car by bus or train. We can also use advanced artificial intelligence in the program by implementing Voice Assistant that will guide the users about tones, the potential roadblocks, traffic, and create augmented reality maps in real time.


25. Motion detection AI

Now everything that's happening in a science fiction movie could be our future. There are varieties of fields where artificial intelligence issues one such area of interest is detecting human emotions. There are many top companies investing a lot of money in doing this, so we can design A facial emotion detection and recognition system that can be used to identify human facial expressions. So, for this first the system would have to analyze the facial expression for some time and then perform facial feature extraction and classify the facial expression. For starters, you can design the system to identify only one expression, simply happy or normal, that you can enhance and try for different emotions.


26. AI health engine

We can create a project that we will use. Artificial intelligence to give personalized health guidance to a user, the user must provide all the medical reports and based on that, the artificial intelligence system will check for any pre-existing condition. Ongoing health concerns and gaps in general health knowledge in the health engine could be programmed to combine both the personal data of the users and the external help data to provide informed advice to the user. It can also help the users with prescription support vaccination advice, recommended doctor visits and specific condition guidance. So, this was about AI health Indian project.


27. Online clothes and accessories AI

Now you would have already seen this feature if you ever visited the lunch CART app for your project. You can design an artificial intelligence system. It takes the input image and computes the person’s body model which would represent the posture and their shape. The segments can then be selected on which their dresses are going to be displayed on, like for example showed in the body cams for hands and so on, and then when the user chooses a particular address, the system can combine them with the body model and obtain the images shape representation.


28. Generate ideas

When humans’ ideas, we often fail to account for all trends and risks. We are not immune to cognitive biases. Once we develop an idea, our attachment eclipses rational judgment. However, ML and I don't experience these difficulties. Their ideas will be data driven, impartial and free of biases. However, the ideas in this article were suggested by a human.


29. Colorize Black and white image ML

Showing the same images in color brings them to life like nothing else can. Colorized late photos can spark interest in the past and help us relate more personally to events and people from times gone.


30. Sentiment analysis

The success of a company or product directly depends on its customer. So, the customer likes your product. It's your success. If not, then you certainly need to improve it by making some changes to it. So how will you know whether your product is successful or not? Well, for that you need to analyze your customers and one of the attributes of analyzing our customers. As to analysis sentiment of them, and that's where the sentiment analysis comes into picture. So, starting with what is sentiment analysis you will define sentiment analysis as a process of computationally identifying and categorizing opinions from a piece of text, and determine whether the writer's attitude towards a particular topic or the product is positive or negative.

Sentiment analysis with source code 


31. Digit Reorganization System Using Machine Learning

The Digit reorganization system has the ability of computers to recognize human handwritten digits. It is not easy for the machine because handwritten digits are different from actual digits and look different sometimes. The digit reorganization system provides the solution to the problem which uses and recognizes the digit in the image. The Digit reorganization system can match handmade digits to their actual values.

Download Digit Reorganization System Using Machine Learning Source Code

32. Email spam detection

33. Music generation

34. Human activity reorganization

Many more will be updated…