Best Final Year Projects For Computer Science Students

Web-based place Finder using Django   

Many times, even the most popular GPS applications end up showing long routes to users, hence there is a need to build more. Didn't location Finder system, though this Python-based place Finder app will serve this same purpose. The app is designed using two powerful Python frameworks in Django and JavaScript. The app will help users to locate nearby restaurants, hospitals, local businesses, services, etc. And meltdown is the most efficient path to the desired place.  


Price comparison website for online shopping with multiple shopping sites.  

Price comparison can save a lot of money for consumers, but price comparison on so many websites before each buy is not possible. So, here's a Python web scraper system that scans shopping sites for the current rate and compares products side by side for Best Buy. The system visits with scraps website based on the user's search to retrieve the prices. The system now shows a side-by-side comparison of products. Fakes and fries from multiple sites.   


Online assignment plagiarism checker   

students need to complete their assignments on self-research rather than copy and paste content. Plagiarism is defined as stealing or copying someone else's work and presenting it as one's own work. So, a system that can check through contents and auto web search to detect plagiarized content.   


Retail store inventory and POS checkout app 

Nowadays in shopping CART system is booming as adding to a cart. It's much easier and more convenient and carrying a heart helps many retail businesses now want to implement such customer-friendly methods. So here is a retail store Android application that automates a regular restore using an Android app. The user can just scan the required items from the application. Items will be added to his or her car. The person at the counter can scan the customers. QR code and proceed with the checkout activities. 


Android-based IoT parking system 

A considerable increase can be seen in the number of vehicles over the past few years. This has led to huge parking costs. Especially in the urban areas, a system that keeps track of parking slots availability with online integration is the only solution. So here is an Android-based parking system with an IO T integrated parking slot checker.   


COVID contact tracing Android application

As per more than three million people have died due to the COVID infection identifying contacts made by the virus. Karaoke can help to stop this spread of COVID-19, so this app traces the infected person's movements to find contacts made by them. This app will guide the users to take a self-assessment test and will indicate the risk level status. The users will be notified. Infected areas around them.   


Students' grievance redressal Cell Using Python   

Student satisfaction is a major concern for any educational institute, but many times these students fail to express their concerns and issues or fail to reach out for proper support. From the organization, and neither is there any system to address the conflicts or issues faced by this student. Well, here is a student prevention system that will help address these students' issues and grievances.