Php Projects For Students

It is very difficult to choose Php projects for students, through this blog, I will help you to choose the project topic from your thoughts. Students of computer science have to first decide which language is best for you. Nowadays and in the coming time, Python's demand is increasing, so I would like you to work on the same python language, as C, PHP, and JSP are used in website development and Used in making C (iOS) application and JAVA (android) application. The only thing you need to keep in mind is each language requires different editors and software, so like c it works best in Microsoft Visual Studio software, PHP sublime text and xampp software, JSP -Netbeans and Objective C (X code). So if you want to program for iOS, you will need a Mac. If we keep all these things in mind, it will be very easy for us to decide. Simple Projects you can do is to make blog by WordPress. When you have WordPress, you can choose best subjects and modules to make site according to your necessity. The best part about this work is that you will discover  helpful assets on web and youtube. For Mobile Apps, I would suggest to use Ionic Framework. This will help out you with creating cross breed application which will take a shot at all the prominent cell phones, for example, Apple Mobile, Android Phone and Lumia . For database, my own decision is mysql yet you can pick whatever you feel best like SQLite on the off chance that you are searching for light database elective. A large portion of the software engineering understudies search for some kind of managemet framework like School Management System Project, Hotel Management System Project, Online Shopping Website framework and so forth. As I would like to think you ought to consistently attempt to discover these activities on Source forge. This ideas has been set up by me with after lots of research. from the list below, you can choose to create a project for yourself.

Computer Science Projects List


  • FIR System php project with source code
  • Quiz project in php with source code
  • Hospital Management Project in PHP with source code
  • Download Free Group Chat System in PHP with Source Code
  • Gym Management System In PHP with Source Code
  • Blood Bank Project in PHP with Source Code
  • Voting System Project in PHP with Source Code
  • Hospital Management System in PHP with Source Code
  • Feedback System Project in PHP with Source Code
  • School Fees Management System in PHP With Source Code
  • Library management system project in php with source code
  • Chat24 Project in Php with source code