Chatbot Project In Python With Source Code (Machine Learning)

Chatbot Project In Python With Source Code (Machine Learning)

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This project “College Buddy” is a Chabot which can be used to get the answers of student’s question. It can provide information like time table for midsem exam, practical exam, upcoming events etc.


A simple user interface is made where user can type their questions and college buddy will give answers. Front end is written in html and css. Python is used in backend. It stores data in sqlite database.




Chatbots, or conversational interfaces as they are also known, present a new way for individuals to interact with computer systems. Traditionally, to get a question answered by a software program involved using a search engine, or filling out a form. A chatbot allows a user to simply ask questions in the same manner that they would address a human. The most well known chatbots currently are voice chatbots: Alexa and Siri. However, chatbots are currently being adopted at a high rate on computer chat platforms.

The technology at the core of the rise of the chatbot is natural language processing (“NLP”). Recent advances in machine learning have greatly improved the accuracy and effectiveness of natural language processing, making chatbots a viable option for many organizations. This improvement in NLP is firing a great deal of additional research which should lead to continued improvement in the effectiveness of chatbots in the years to come.

A simple chatbot can be created by loading an FAQ (frequently asked questions) into chatbot software. The functionality of the chatbot can be improved by integrating it into the organization’s enterprise software, allowing more personal questions to be answered, like“What is my balance?”, or “What is the status of my order?”.

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A chatbot can be used anywhere a human is interacting with a computer system. These are the areas where the fastest adoption is occurring:

Customer Service — A chatbot can be used as an “assistant” to a live agent, increasing the agent’s efficiency. When trained, they can also provide service when the call centre is closed, or eventually even act as an independent agent, if desired.

Sales/Marketing/Branding — Chatbots can be used for sales qualification, ecommerce, promotional campaigns, or as a branding vehicle.

Human Resources — An HR chatbot can help with frequently asked questions (“how many vacation days do I have left?”) and can act as an onboarding assistant.


· Economically offer 24/7 Service

· Improve Customer Satisfaction

· Reach a Younger Demographic

· Reduce Costs

· Increase Revenue