Face Mask Detector ML Project In Python

Face Mask Detector ML Project in Python

About This Project

Facemask is a system to detect whether the person on the webcam is wearing a mask or not. this system need to train the face mask detector model using Keras and OpenCV.


How to run ...!

# FaceMaskDetector

# Setup

## Install Anaconda



## Import anaconda virtual environment

Open Anaconda Powershell terminal in project directory & create virtual environment using following

`conda env create -f environment.yml`

Activate virtual environment

`conda activate python-ml`

## Setup dependencies files

1. Download dataset and extract zip. This dataset must contain `train` and `test` sub directories with images.

2. Download `haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml` to currect project directory form



## Train model

If dataset is copied in current project directory:

`python train.py`

If dataset is outside project directory

`python train.py --dataset `

This step will generate a trained model with name `facemask-trained-.model`

There may be multiple model files, use last one.

## Run FaceMaskDetector

Replace `` with actual generated number in previous step

`python main.py --model ./facemask-trained-.model`

Press Q or ESC to stop.

If program does not stop, use Ctrl + C.