Gym Management System In PHP With Source Code

Gym Management System In PHP With Source Code

About This Project

The project Gym Management System in php with source code has two parts, one admin part and another user part. Admin has complete control of the system. The admin can see all the data and add and remove things. The PHP language has been used to create this project and CSS and HTML for design.



  1. Create Account
  2. Add exercise
  3. Make a Course
  4. Choose a trainer

Admin Panel :

  1. Admin login
  2. Add Trainer and remove
  3. Add exercise and remove
  4. Add member and remove
  5. Logout
  • To run this project first, download it from and extract the zip file in xammp / htdocs. After that open the browser and open this link "http: // localhost / GMS /".
  • Do not forget to create the most important Thing “database in phpmyadmin”
  • Readme file is mentioned in Project file, where you will get SQL file and Admin ID/Password

Project Video