Hospital Management System In PHP With Source Code

Hospital Management System In PHP With Source Code

About This Project

HMS aims at to develop the software that covers all the aspects of management and operations of hospital. The HMS developed in PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. Project contains an admin part and user part.

  • Admin Part:  Manages all the activities like doctor records, patient records, appointment time, treatment, department, add admin, add doctor etc. Admin have fully control of hospital management system.
  • Doctor Part: Doctor can manage activities like approve appointment, give prescriptions, set time, manage billing, and add or remove medicines etc.
  • User:  Anybody can register and create patient account and take an appointment.   


  1. Patient
  2. Appointment
  3. Treatment
  4. Prescription
  5. Dashboard
  6. Billing
  7. Order

Admin Login:

  • Login ID: admin
  • Password: 987654321


 Doctor Login:

  • Login ID: doctor
  • Password: 123456789



  1. Language: PHP
  2. Database: My SQL
  4. Web Browser: Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA
  5. Software: XAMPP Server

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