Human Resource Management System In PHP

Human Resource Management System In PHP

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Contact on this number for project (HRMS)
1) +91 9753531615 (WhatsApp)
2) +91 8839167125

Human Resource Management System (Mini project)

Features includes

1. Manage departments
- Add departments.
- Manage employees by departments.

2. Manage employees
- Add employees by particular department.
- View employee details (Number of awards given, Number of payslips generated, etc..).

3. Awards
- Add award template
- Award particular employee
- View details of particular award given to employees

4. Expenses
- Add expense's 
- View expense's 

5. Pay slips
- Add pay slips
- View pay slips

Additional features
- It creates its own database if installed on a new system.
- Fully OOPS concept based.
- Using redbeanphp to avoid SQL injection.
- Simple and easy to understand code.