Online Bakery Shop In Python

Online Bakery Shop in Python

About This Project

 Online Bakery Shop in Python using Django framework, user interface built in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap, admin can create, update, delete all the users, orders, contact, products. User can search for items, can do add to cart, and order the items. 

1 Installation

1.1 Install python 3.6 or higher

1.2 Install pip3 & virtualenv
pip install virtualenv

1.3 Create and activate virtualenv


virtualenv .venv

source .venv/bin/activate

1.4 Install project dependencies

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

1.5 Initialize project

python makemigrations

python migrate

python createsuperuser

2 Run project


source .venv/bin/activate

python runserver

To Stop & deactivate virtualenv



Project Video