Online Matrimonial Project In Php With Source Code

Online Matrimonial Project In Php With Source Code

About This Project

The Project is named as “ONLINE MATRIMONIAL SITE” where boys and girls registered themselves  to search their companions. Due to computerized and it is available online, people can register as and when they require and they can register wherever they are, so it gives lot of flexibility for people to search their companions simply. Today, the marriage alliance arranged by known folks and that are conducted manually and the amount of time required is very huge. Only they can help to know only some alliances.

Project Title : LIFEPARTENER

Functionality : LIFEPARTENER  is a matrimonial site where you can find your life partner. This site contains many profiles and it also provides you to search your appropriate life partner by simply being the member of it.

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Other Details

Operating System: Windows Family.
Application Server :    XAMPP
Web designing languages :  HTML, CSS.
Scripts: JavaScript.
Server-side Script: PHP.
Database:   Mysql
Database Connectivity :   PhpMyAdmin.

WhatsApp Number: +91 9753531615