Real-Time Sentiment Analysis Project Using Python

Real-Time Sentiment Analysis Project Using Python

About This Project

The main purpose of real time sentiment analysis is to analyze the opinions of users of a particular product or service, which helps customers understand the quality of the product. For example,  when any company releases thier products we see a lot of people gives thier opinion on that product or some people criticize it, so all peoples opinions help us to decide we should buy that product or not. opinions are feelings about a particular product, which helps a business improve its product and helps customers decide whether or not to buy the product. Now, what if you want to analyze people’s feelings in real-time, i.e. ask a user about your product and understand your product in real-time, with the help of this real time sentiment analysis system.

Need to install :

  • pip install streamlit
  • pip install nltk

Command to run :

  • streamlit run