Student Record System In PHP With MySQL

Student Record System in PHP with MySQL

About This Project

The student Record System in php with MySQL is based on the concept of managing student records. There is a add button to add students record in system, there is an edit option available to edit the details of students and user can remove records, the user can freely use its feature. This mini project contains limited features, but the essential one. This project is helpful for managing student information by adding, updating, removing, viewing, and searching for details.

How to run this project?

XAMPP is a development tool, owned by Apache, it helps to run PHP projects easily on your local computer.  XAMPP package need to be installed.

Step 1: You need to open Apache Friends website and download XAMPP for windows or according to your operating system and install it.

Step 2: Start the XAMPP control panel and do start Apache and MySQL.

Step 3: You need to place your PHP files in the htdocs folder located into XAMPP.

Step 4: Now you need to open any browser and enter in address bar “localhost/filename”. This will open all the files stored in htdocs you need to click on the php file to run project.

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Family.
Application Server:    XAMPP
Web designing languages:  HTML, CSS.
Scripts: JavaScript.
Server-side Script: PHP.
Database:   MySQL
Database Connectivity:   PhpMyAdmin.

WhatsApp Number: +919753531615