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Python projects with source code
Python projects with source code

Here we have lots of projects developed in Python projects with source code and we only provide projects for educational purpose. All these projects have been developed by our developer partners for help. If any students who want to develop final year projects feel free and contact us for help.

Our Python projects and more projects will be uploaded soon!



Topics and Ideas for Python Projects


Here we are sharing some interesting ideas and topics which can be useful in making your final year projects and you can select the projects here.


  1. Face Identification System in Python
  2. Insta Bot (auto like, auto follower)
  3. Weather forecast application (with API)
  4. Chat application with Caesar encryption
  5. CGPA calculator Python Project
  6. Quiz Python Project
  7. Games & Puzzles : Snake, random number guessing.
  8. Simple or a complex calculator
  9. Text editor
  10. Chatbots
  11. A program that uses machine Learning.
  12. Automate the Boring Stuff.
  13. Stay on Top of Bitcoin Prices.
  14. Build a Blockchain.
  15. Web scrapping.
  16. Shopping Web using Django.

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