Car Rental Project In PHP With Source Code

Car Rental Project In PHP With Source Code

About This Project

Online Car Rental System is a web-based application where any user can book or rent a car of their choice for a minimum of one hour to maximum of months’ time.  This system caters the need of many users who do not have their own cars or the ones whose car has been damaged or needs repairs and also travelers who are out of their station for a business meet or on a vacation.


Unlike public cars which are most of the time crowded that runs in schedule time, online car rental system allows people to reach their destination on time with less hassle and comfort at affordable cost.In this application, users are allowed to view all models of cars with their basic information like number of the seats available, type of the car – luxury/premium, deluxe, ac/non-ac cars etc. along with the price. The system also has the provision for booking a car with or without drivers.


There are many advantages of Online Car Rental system. This online system helps the service providing company to manage their business remotely. Customers are finding everything in their mobile or desktop with few clicks.The new system is the totally computerized system.This online system gives each and every service to customers at their door step. They can give their feedback to a higher authority. They can book, visit, and enjoy the travel.A new system provides features like time efficiency to show car details, user profiles and whatever the customer will give the feedback to the admin. Customers do not need to waste two three hours to get a car.


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