Online Examination System With Source Code

Online Examination System with Source Code

About This Project

Are you looking for an academic project, scalable online examination management system it will automate your assessment process for a student or an employee by keeping the cost low? Do you want to assess a new employee before hiring? Are you looking to conduct an exam for candidates situated at multiple locations? While they're sitting at home or at any remote location, and you want to keep track of them. Welcome to the online examination system by projecto on this project supports many features. Including managing Question Blank for the exam Question Blank is managed with multiple attributes like difficulty level, subject, topic hierarchy and marketing scheme. System supports objective as well as subjective type of questions including fill in the blanks. You can define online exam with various attributes like question navigation, marking scheme, negative marking syllabus, result declaration etc. We also support the facility to capture photographs of the candidate while the examination process is active. You can see those images to validate the candidate there is a facility to capture continuous streaming. Of candidate activity along with screen activity. It is useful to verify if the candidate is appearing for the exam in a fair manner. This facility is known as remote proctoring. Many organizations have started using remote proctoring to automate exam invigilation process.


Features and functionality

Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard
  2. Manage Categories
  3. Manage Course
  4. Manage Students
  5. Manage Exams
  6. Manage Questions
  7. Make announcements
  8. Results


Students panel

  1. Dashboard
  2. Subjects
  3. Students
  4. Exams
  5. Results
  6. Noticeboard

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Other Details

Software and Hardware Requirements 

Operating System: Windows Family, Linux, iOS.
Application Server:    XAMPP, WAMMP.
Web designing languages:  HTML, CSS.
Scripts: JavaScript.
Server-side Script: PHP.
Database:   MySQL
Database Connectivity :   PhpMyAdmin.

WhatsApp Number: +919753531615