Online Music Gallery Project In PHP With Source Code

Online Music Gallery Project In PHP With Source Code

About This Project


Online Music Gallery is a web based application which has been developed over PHP and MySQL which runs on WAMP,XAPM or Apache2 server. It has two modules Admin and User. Where admin can add songs, remove songs, view users, and edit or update profile. There is also a dashboard section where admin can see all the statistical growth of music gallery. Another one is user module where can play songs, make a playlist of their favorite songs, download songs and also can read lyrics of songs.


  1. Admin
  • Admin login
  • Dashboard
  • Update profile
  • Add songs
  • View user details
  • Download songs
  • Delete songs
  • Logout


  1. User
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Play music
  • Add playlist
  • Download music
  • Read song’s lyrics
  • Logout

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Other Details

Software Requirements

Application Server : XAMPP.
Web designing languages : HTML, CSS.
Scripts: JavaScript.
Server-side Script: PHP.
Database: MySQL.
Database Connectivity : PhpMyAdmin.

WhatsApp Number: +91 9753531615