Project Management System In Php With Source Code

Project Management System in Php with Source code

About This Project

Project Management System is a web application project based on PHP and Database MySQL. This project is designed for Academic Purpose and it will save both time and money. There are three logins in this project. The first student login, under this, students can submit their given project online, to their faculty. The second login is the faculty login, where the faculty can view the project and download the projects, they can give their feedback to the student. The third and last logo is Admin Login. Admin can create and delete all student IDs, create and delete faculty IDs and other rights.

Other Details

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Family.
Application Server :    XAMPP
Web designing languages :  HTML, CSS.
Scripts: JavaScript.
Server-side Script: PHP.
Database:   Mysql
Database Connectivity :   PhpMyAdmin.

WhatsApp Number: +919753531615

How to Run this Project:

  1. Starting Apache and MySQL in XAMPP
  2. Download Project by
  3. Extract file and paste the project into xampp/htdocs
  4. Open a browser and go to URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”
  5. Now Create Database
  6. Import the SQL file (Database Details Mentioned in Readme file.)
  7. Now Open a browser and go to URL http://localhost/
  8. You will see htdocs/ file
  9. Select the project and run.