Top 10 Programming Languages For 2022

Top 10 programming languages for 2022.

This list can help you select the right programming language for your domain overall.

#1. JavaScript

We have JavaScript, JavaScript, the Internet language, often abbreviated as JS, stands as the segment leader dominating the world of software development. Nearly 65% of the developer’s community is dependent on JavaScript. JavaScript is a general-purpose scripting language extensively used for web application development. JavaScript is capable of handling both front end and back end and delivering interactive webpages. Major tech giants like PayPal, Netflix Pick Basket and Google use JavaScript. The average salary of a JavaScript developer is 110 thousand U.S. dollars and eight to ten lacs per annum in India.


#2. Python

We have Python. Fighting the constant adversary of Java, the next leading programming language with innovative features and an unlimited range of applications, Python stands as a commendable programming language. Python is a general purpose, object oriented, and. Also, a scripting programming language. It is a powerful ruler of data analytics and web development. Indent IBM Pixar, Spotify, Razor pay, and many leading software companies are in use of Python. The average salary of a Python developer is 125 thousand USD and in India the average salary of a Python developer is around twelve lacs per annum.


#3. Java

At number three we have a huge developer community worldwide. Round the clock. Java is the most dominating object-oriented programming language currently in use in the IT industry. Java is used for Android development, software development, desktop and mobile application development, big data and much more. Major leading tech giants like Uber. Airbnb, Instagram, TTM and Google use Java. The average salary of Java developers in the United States is about 100,000 USD per annum and in India a Java developer can earn about 12 lacs per.


#4. SQL

SQL has been in the IT industry for a while, and it's moved for a few more years. SQL is a structured query language that is built to interact with data storage units like relational databases and advanced versions of SQL are capable of interaction with the cloud. SQL is still in great demand and companies like Accenture, Rapido’s, del, Cognizant, and entity data are actively hiring database SQL developers and architects. The average salary of an SQL developer is 80,000 U.S. dollars per annum and in India a SQL developer can earn about ten lacs per.


#5. PHP

PHP being old, PHP maintains its might in web development. Unbelievably, but total of 21% of developers worldwide are actively using PHP. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language used for web development. It is one of the first service site scripting languages to get embedded into an HTML code company still. Web application development costs Facebook Wikipedia out a few examples. The average salary of a PHP 7 upper is 80,000 USD and in India and average PHP developer earns around 6 to 8 lacs per annum.


#6. R

R is a language specifically designed for improved analytics and science the R and which competes with Python. And outperforms it in terms of statistical analytics. R is an open-source programming language designed and developed by R core team and our foundation. The language was built specifically for data miners and statisticians. Top companies like Facebook. Twitter, Google, and Microsoft use our language for carrying out several types of data analytics for business development. The average salary of an R developer is 130 thousand U.S. dollars and in India the average salary of an R developer they reached from 6 to 8 lacs per annum.


#7. Swift

Swift is Apple's contribution to the world of software development. SWIFT is exclusively built to develop applications for Apple's ecosystem. Yes, it is also capable of developing applications outside of Apple systems with a better performance than Java and Python in some cases. Swift is a purpose-built programming language with a goal of developing superior quality native applications for Apple devices with high data security and automatic memory of Apple, Accenture, TCS and many major recruiters are in a constant hunt for swift developers. Times and salaries to offer. Salary of swift eyewear civil upper is 160 thousand U.S. dollars and in India the average salary varies from 8 to 10 lacs per annum.


#8. GO

Go language is Invented by Google, Google and is capable enough to take over the giants of web development. Head on head by helping developers create secure and reliable web applications rapidly. It is also capable of developing microservices and APIs to interact with front end applications. Major tech giants like Google, SendGrid and Drop box are the biggest users of: The average salary of goal and developers is 175 thousand U.S. dollars. And in India the average salary of GO developers is twelve lacs per annum.


#9. Kotlin

Kotlin is one of the newcomers in Android and mobile application development. It's official that Google has announced Kotlin to be their first-class language for Android development. kotlin provides easier syntax and smaller lines of code to execute the job. Kotlin is a platform independent general purpose programming language intended to run on JVM. Kotlin was devised to improvise Android development with Java by introducing additional library support, without which the process seemed time consuming Google. Many such companies are active users and have the average salary of a kotlin developer. Is 150 thousand USD and in India the average salary of a kotlin developer is about ten lacs per annum.


#10. C++

C++ is object-oriented version of this same programming language. C++ is used ink into the desktop, application development and mobile application development. If you are a gaming fan and passionate about developing games than C++ is the best language for game development. Companies like Google and Microsoft, Evernote, and NASA. Those feet, plus extensively the average salary of a C++ programmer is around 103,000 USD per annum and 11 lacs per annum in India.